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Financial literacy for kids and children.
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  • 1. Which is more likely: winning the lottery or having quadruplets?

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  • 2. What’s the best way to make sure you retire in style?

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  • 3. What’s the best way to live like a millionaire?

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    1. Which is more likely: winning the lottery or having quadruplets?

    • a. Winning the lottery
    • b. Having quadruplets

    Answer: b. You've got a better chance of having four bundles of joy! Winning the lottery is a long shot. The truth is: saving is the way to financial success.

    2. What's the best way to make sure you retire in style?

    • a. Hope you inherit a million dollars.
    • b. Save regularly and invest wisely.
    • c. Buy a lottery ticket every day.
    • d. Bet it all on one stock!

    Answer: b. Save regularly and invest wisely. The earlier you start, the better. Through compounding, any earnings on your investments can help you work toward your goals.

    3. What's the best way to live like a millionaire?

    • a. Dress the part. If you look like a million bucks, you'll make it!
    • b. Buy a flashy sports car.
    • c. Save your money; don't spend it.
    • d. Wait to inherit a million dollars.

    Answer: c. Be smart and save! Fancy clothes and fast cars might make you look rich, but spending wisely and saving your hard-earned dollars is the best way to achieve your financial goals.

Star Banks Adventure® Game Go|The Star Banks Adventure

Learning about money doesn't always have to be serious. Play the online game or mobile app to learn the importance of wise financial planning—while having fun!

Play The Star Banks Adventure, which is a online money games designed for improving financial literacy for kids & children.

Create Your Own Currency! Go|Open Your Own Store

Kids can build off the ‘Create Your Own Currency’ and now they can open their own store. Gather items from around the house and label them for sale with the price tags. The coupons let you make special offers to your customers, and you can fill out the receipt when it’s time to check out.

Find items around the house to sell in your own store

Games and Activities Go|Games and Activities

See how much of a Finance Smarty Pants you are by playing video games and trying out some fun activities.

Try this 30 day financial fitness calendar to learn some tips and tricks to teach your kids about money.