Our clients’ investment goals may vary widely, but our approach to meeting them remains constant.

Each of our clients is in pursuit of a financial goal. For an institution, that goal might be meeting future pension liabilities. For individual investors, that goal is frequently related to retirement. For advisors, it’s often about matching the right strategies to their own clients’ needs.

As a global asset manager, we actively listen, anticipate, and develop strategies that respond to the needs of current and prospective clients.
In this way, over time, we thoughtfully build both our investment capabilities across asset classes and the confidence of our clients and shareholders.

Investment strategies align
with client objectives

In some cases, a client’s needs may be met through a single equity or fixed income investment strategy. Our diverse portfolio of investments is designed to meet these specific needs, offering institutions and individuals a variety of options across market capitalizations, sectors, styles, and regions.

In many other cases, we harness capabilities within or across asset classes and use those strategies to create solutions that help clients
reach their goals.

In 2014, 73%, 74%, 80%, and 88% of our mutual funds across their share classes outperformed
their Lipper averages for the last one, three, five,
and 10 years, respectively.1 The performance of
our institutional funds against their benchmarks
was substantially similar.

Target Date Strategies Are Designed
For Retirement Investing

One example of this solutions approach is the development of our target date portfolios. Each portfolio is built on a strong foundation of underlying T. Rowe Price equity and fixed income strategies.

"Broadly speaking, our target date portfolios are designed to help investors pursue a distinct goal: saving enough for retirement," explains Rich Whitney, head of Asset Allocation. "But it’s been an evolution,
and over time, our range of portfolios—as well as the infrastructure of
services we’ve built around them—has broadened in response to evolving client needs."

Today, T. Rowe Price manages $149 billion2 in target date retirement portfolios (funds and trusts) distributed through intermediaries and plan sponsors and directly to individuals.

Customized Solutions Take Advantage Of Fixed Income Expertise

The firm is taking a similar approach to aligning capabilities with client objectives—in this case, for institutional investors.

"When we meet with clients, we start by asking: What are your objectives? What’s your time horizon? How can we work together to deliver the outcome you are seeking?" explains Peter Austin, head of Fixed Income Solutions. The team then works to develop a customized portfolio of investment strategies designed to meet the client’s unique needs and objectives.

"Our culture really lends itself to solutions work because you need to listen, you need to be objective, and you need to maintain your focus on what’s best for the client. These are things T. Rowe Price does exceptionally well," adds Austin.

1 Lipper results as of
  December 31, 2014.
2 As of December 31, 2014.

Expertise And Collaboration Are The Constants

Over time, the investment environment changes and client needs evolve. "The constant is our firm’s broad investment expertise, experience, and culture of collaboration," Austin says. "Together, they allow us to solve disparate challenges in innovative ways."