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HIRING PROCESS. Become a part of T. Rowe Price and become a part of a long history of growth and success.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, here's how to do it.

What you should do
  • Do your homework: Find out who we are and learn about our values.
  • Make sure your resume is current: Check and recheck for spelling or grammatical errors and don't forget to contact references.
  • Attend a job fair at your college: Check our schedule to see when we are visiting your campus or attending a professional organization's recruiting event.
  • Search for jobs: Search by job category, location, or keyword.
  • Apply: When you find an opening that matches your qualifications, apply directly via the link in the job description.
  • Submit your resume as part of the application process: A Microsoft Word document or a PDF are the best formats to use, as they are searchable by our system.
What happens next
  • You'll receive an automatic acknowledgment of your application: Do not reply to this e-mail.
  • You will be contacted by Human Resources for a telephone interview: If we're interested in you, one of our HR representatives will call you. This may be to:
    • Ask questions or to find out additional information about you
    • Schedule a meeting at a career fair
    • Schedule an on-site interview
  • Prepare for your interview: Read our interview tips for ways to prepare.
  • There may be multiple interviews: Depending on the position you are applying for, you may meet with more than one person during your initial meeting, or you may be asked to be available for additional interviews. You may be meeting with a representative from HR, the hiring manager (your potential future manager), team leaders, and colleagues in similar roles.
  • Write thank you notes to everyone you meet during the interview process: Ask for business cards to help you keep track of the names.
  • After any interview, you will be kept informed of your status: During your interview, you will be given a contact name in case you have any questions. Allow at least a week or two before reaching out to find out your application status.
  • An offer may be extended: If we like what we heard and feel that you would contribute to our team, we will extend an employment offer.
  • You may not be right for a particular position: If you are not selected, you can consider other positions. New positions are posted daily. Feel free to call your HR contact to find out what would have made you a better candidate and what other roles might be more appropriate.
  • After acceptance, a hiring date is agreed upon: During the interview process, one of the questions may have been about your availability to begin work. Some positions require training or orientation, and your start date may depend upon those processes.
  • A comprehensive on-boarding process ensures a smooth start: We make sure you have all the tools, information, and resources needed when you begin work with T. Rowe Price. As part of your first three months with the company, you will:
    • Attend "Foundations," our orientation class
    • Select your benefit elections
    • Work with self-directed online programs to learn more about the company
    • Be assigned to special training classes, depending on your job category
  • You'll start contributing from day one: You'll feel like part of the team right from the beginning, bringing your knowledge, experience, and ideas into an inclusive and collaborative environment.
Total Rewards Package

A rewarding career means more than a paycheck. That is why T. Rowe Price offers you Total Rewards, including a range of benefits and programs to help you: Learn More

Total Rewards Package
Career Development
Career Developmwnt

Your career is a journey. As an associate, you can expect support from T. Rowe Price as you continually explore opportunities in our firm and actively chart your career course. Learn More